Point of Service Environments

Across the country, workers are tasked with serving their customers face-to-face at rental desks, banking centers and retail counters where space can be an issue. Cramer offers a variety of durable, versatile seating options that provide periods of relief to help keep productivity high.

Point of Service environments require:


Many employees in challenging environments are required to work standing up. Cramer offers seating options specifically designed for 'stand up' jobs, with adjustable tension and height controls, lean/sit options, 300 pound ratings, and our patented Rhino skin.


Smaller Footprints

Our flexible seating options include chairs with scaled-down seats and bases, and stools and sit/stands with no chair back to get in the way. Constructed from aluminum and steel and rated over 300 pounds – Cramer offers tough, dependable seating anywhere you need it.

Smaller Footprint

Focused Postures for Long Periods

From active forward leaning to recline, Cramer seating adjusts to support the full range of seated postures. Flexible, pivoting backs provide dynamic lumbar support and healthy open angles, encouraging circulation.

Active Posture